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Montag, 19. Februar 2018


Our duty is pretty simple! One of the biggest priorities in a production is flexibility:
Over the years, taste have change, and so our productions, and our priority is to embrace the future that is expandable and modular. fairtone is an experience music-production, publishing, and label with a studio company with extensive knowledge of Digital and Analog Sound engineering, We can produce and mix on large format digital or analog mixing consoles like SSL, Neve, Euphonix, and Digi Icon, Our production team delivers excellent results in the field of commercial album production, TV series, jingles and movies. A professional mid-range versatile studio that delivers excellent broadcast ready music and audio postproduction. Specialized in Pop/Rock, Hip-Hop/Rap, R'n'B/Soul, Reggae/Dancehall and Jazz/World music.

We have taking artists through different process from song writing and recording to manufacturing their products in a friendly and professional manner. We produced both modern and classic recordings in a variety of styles, working from major labels to budget productions that covers a wide spectrum of music from rock to rap, jazz to Afro beat, song writing to full production and as well as film-score for soundtracks.

For many years, we worked only with music publishers and record companies. Now, we have opened our service up to all songwriters. We can help with every phase of songwriting, both words and music. We will work with you to create a beautiful song from your words. We guarantee it!

We write and record 99% of an album and remixes in our professional studio without sweat. Giving our artists both modern and classic recordings in a variety of styles of music working from major labels to budget pre-productions, and to cover a wide spectrum of music from rock to rap, jazz to Afro beat, demo to full production and film soundtracks to jingle. We are equipped with tools that are needed in an every day work and other can be rented on Clients request, making our production fees and budget affordable. Our production facilities is located in a comfortable environment with nice acoustics where Musicians can record live bands, mix and master the final production. We are equipped with Yamaha digital mixing Console with fully automated 88 inputs with 4-band full-parametric equalizer and dynamics processor on all channels, both with moving fader and snapshot automation, we are one of the most highly regarded Production Company in Europe with high-end Digidesign system. We carry all of the Software Instruments in various format from Spectrasonic, Ultimate Sound Bank, Eiosis, and more, our facility is outfitted with 124 Audio tracks Digidesign Industrial standard Pro Tools HD|3 System fitted with 24-bit 192kHz converters and a mixer with automated effects and 5.1 surround with a full complement of Digidesign and third party plug ins. Sampler are both routed digitally to the Mixing console and tracking via Apogee high quality 24-bit analog to digital converter, clocking via an Apogee Master Clock Generator for a professional Low-Jitter audio which quietly keep all our digital audio equipment running in perfect rock solid sync and guarantees that our entire professional studio is completely jitter free, mixing and mastering via Apogee Digital processor with 48 bits processing for dithering down to 16 bits for CD masters or analog recording "digitalization" which allows us to stay in the digital domain from the moment we have captured the audio until the consumer plays the mp3, the result being the highest signal to noise ratio and sonic fidelity available today, we have a nice collection of outboard processors for some more esoteric needs, such as slow gear and tube equipment; vintage is available upon request, Currently the more expensive microphones in use include the Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure and AKG microphones, Additional microphones and outboard processors are available if you have a reference.

With our expandable and flexible setup, Technology revolution is as mind-boggling as it is exciting. Fabulous new innovation appear than half a dozen improvements sprout up, dotting the production place with further enhancements. But after our thorough research, informed decision-making, our plain courage is to buy with an eye to intelligent upgrading, making sure, the equipment we choose has the kind of support that will keep it current and usable for a reasonable period of time and compatible with the market trend, And also complies with industry standard.