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Sonntag, 18. Februar 2018
News Updates

01.04.12 | TVs, Radios & Magazines Service

Product trailer to enable upcoming artist promote their products in affordable and professional package on MTV/VIVA, Yavido, BEN TV, BET, Channel-O…


20.03.12 | BEN-TV

firewoodz 'Lady Lets Go' on air !!!


30.03.12 | Pro7 TV

Das große ProSieben Promiboxen live



OJB Naija / fairtone partnership Signed.


23.12.11 | Soulshakeparty

End of year party (Jesse Lee Davis & Firewoodz: part 2)



22.12.11 | Soulshakeparty

End of year party (Jesse Lee Davis & Firewoodz: part 1) Remscheid


01.04.10 | fairtone

Cologne / Overath Office


12.03.10 | Dionneh

Live - Acoustic Video shooting in Kantine Concert Hall, Köln


07.01.10 | Firewoodz

Live - Unplugged Video shooting in Kantine Concert Hall, Köln


13.04.09 | Firewoodz

Video shooting in Radisson SAS Hotel, Köln


23.03.09 | Mahan

Ich Kämpfe debut single MTV/VIVA spot goes on air


16.02.09 | Viacom

fairtone partner with MTV/VIVA to help and offer affordable product's trailer to enable upcoming artist to promote their product in affordable and professional package


14.01.09 | Pallas Group

fairtone partner with Pallas Group to delivers a complete supply chain management service to the entertainment industry

iTunes | Amazon

fairtone® has finally jumped on the ONLINE MUSIC DISTRIBUTION bandwagon; fairtone roster of artists now on Amazon and Apple's worldwide on-line music store.

Welcome to fairtone® Entertainment!

fairtone® Entertainment was founded in 1997 in the industry city of Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. A company that introduces a new era of music business practices dedicated to the development of emerging artists who extended the boundaries of various types of music. Set to fill the musical needs of large market that demands to be recognized for its intelligence and thoughtfulness. 

Intends to support artists whose music will enrich the beauty in all culture. Distributed by a network of independents, fairtone is committed to signing artists that reflect the artistic progression of Black, Western, African and American music. "We are devoted to presenting artists with sincere message that communicates respect for the complexities of our lives". We believe musical audience respond to sincerity, "Our philosophy is based on nurturing the artist and their creative process", While many artists do not receive fair contracts, honest promotion, or genuine interest from the label that signed them, fairtone’s goal is to cultivate integrity in the business.

Firewoodz - Lady Let's Go (Acoustic)

Firewoodz - Lady Let's Go (Official Video)

Ricarda - So Blond So Black

Release Updates

Coming Soon!!!

 04.02.13 | Firewoodz feat. Onita - Adios (Single)

 05.01.13 | Firewoodz feat. Eva - La Vida Rapi (Single)


Available in iTunes Store 

 08.11.12 | Killme - What The Hell? (Unplugged EP)

 13.10.12 | Kito sekada - Gogo (Single)

 13.09.12 | Ola Lade - Javeh (Single)

 29.04.12 | firewoodz - Lady Let’s Go feat. Phatt

 10.06.11 | Jesse Lee Davis - Both Sides Of Me (Album)

 23.05.11 | Jesse Lee Davis - Please Don't Ever Change (Single)

 25.02.11 | Ricarda - So Blond So Black

 25.02.11 | Killme - (Naiv EP)

 06.01.11 | Bukki Mallorca - Baller…

 20.01.10 | Dionneh - Solo En Ti (Album)

 16.09.09 | Errol O. Johnson - Universal Talisman (Album)